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Personal Development

Hercules University is an online portal that connects Hercules employees to educational resources in the HVAC wholesale/distribution industry for career planning, implementation, tracking and advancement. All Herculeans are encouraged to participate in Hercules University courses.

Department Development

Hercules Universities was designed to help you develop the knowledge and skills that are necessary for you to have the best success in your department. Resources are available or being developed for all of our departments. As we work together to be better at what we do, these tools provide education in the Heating and Air Conditioning wholesale and distribution business.

HercU's Mission

Hercules University provides each Herculean the opportunity to direct their intellectual and professional growth.

True to Hercules Mission statment, HercU's focus is on this part "...our employees grow financially, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually."

Thanks for being a part of our team, and growing with Hercules Industries.